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Adjusting Autonumber Increments

Moving Access Data to Microsoft Excel

Exporting Access Data with TransferSpreadsheet

Export Access Data with VBA

Data Layout in Microsoft Excel

Excel Text to Number Conversion

Transposing Excel Ranges

Access VBA Timer Event

What is MySQL?

Microsoft Access Parameter Query Tutorial Video

How does PHP Work?

Microsoft Access VBA Tools - References

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Custom Database Development

Whether it's Microsoft Access or Mysql and PHP, great databases have one thing in common - excellent fundamental design. We are database experts who specialize in helping your business collect, organize, and use the information it sees every day. Our databases are:

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The days of putting some text online, calling it a website, and getting a flood of traffic are long gone. Today, businesses need a dynamic, focused website that's optimized for search engines and website visitors.

We focus on clean and intuitive website design, database-driven websites, and search engine marketing. Our goal is to develop a great website for your business and develop an intelligent search engine marketing plan to go with it. We give you all of the tools you need to succeed online.

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Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

Optimizing your website to grab more traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, can be the most cost-effective marketing decision you'll ever make on behalf of your business. If your website doesn't rank high in search engines, your competitors' websites will. Need more incentive? Optimization is ...

Search engine marketing isn't hocus pocus. Proven techniques get proven results. Have a look at our own search engine optimization results and check out the results of one of our recent clients: #1 in Google and 250% more traffic!

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